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Health Care

  • Body Sculpting
    • Slimming Massage.
  • Californian Massage
    • Benefits for insomnia, headache, back pain, legs... By excellence for letting go.
  • Foot reflexology
    • Releases stress and nervous tension.
  • Swedish Massage
    • Used primarily to restore tired muscles.
  • Therapeutic Massage
    • Effective against physical discomfort caused by stress: back pain, lack of energy, insomnia...


Whether for a relaxing treatment, therapeutic, lymphatic drainage... or a package.
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Gift Certificates

With a variety of Gift Certificates available a memorable experience is just a click away.  
Treat your loved ones to a package full of treats and surprises or celebrate a special occasion. A spa treatment will help soothe the mind, spirit and body with choices ranging from aromatherapy massages to revitalising facials, body treatments and half-day packages.

Official Gift Certificate

Give an unforgettable experience to rejuvenating , or simply a Gift Certificate. 

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Gift certificates are transferable and no deadline. Only the duration of treatment will be indicated on the gift certificate and not the amount paid. You can order several gift certificates of the same duration. Mail delivery.
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"Découverte" Program

5 30-minute treatments of your choice

Discover our relaxing treatments, facial, hand care, body care, foot care, massage therapy, moisturizers, exfoliants ... Mourning, fatigue, pregnant, insomnia, stress, headache, backache, neck, legs heavy... only $95 for 5 30-minute treatments.
Suitable for both men and women.
Establish your care plan in advance or choose the care you want at the time that suits you best.

Massotherapy, facial, nail care, foot care, etc.

Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation by email and we will contact you by phone within 72 hours to establish a personalized strategy. If you do not have a folder, it will be created automatically with 5 coupons of 30 minutes free. One coupon per visit on 30-minute or prorated care for longer care. Price without over-prizes. Offer valid online only. Pay now and choose the dates later.


Buy your care in advance and save BIG!

A saving of more than 50% on the price at the counter.

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